March 25, 2012

I worked with my friend Alex to set up this Drone Show at her house, Plains Project, in Chicago. First up is Sharp Tooth playing there first set ever. This new chicago, one man, synth driven, Power electronics band debuted in the best possible way. Playing in the basement on one of the coldest days in chicago with nothing but a dim blue light in the corner. Everyones breath was visible and the harshness of this set made for a miserable 7 minutes. Next up was Omar Gonzolaz (Machismo/Consent) and Will McEvilly (Hate Basement/cstvt) collaborating on a drone set. At one point you can here a local drunk wander in to the show and bark like a dog. The night ended with Andrew Young droning on his bass in the warm empty gallery space up stairs.

Sharp Tooth
Andrew Young